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And the winner is…

In only one hour, we have seen and heard 17 pitches from 7 tracks, all of which have gotten standing ovations from the audience – and rightly so. And while the jurors labor on the hard task of appointing the winners, the teams are coming down from their adrenalin highs. The presentations have been given, chances taken, and now it’s time to relax. Spontaneously, track Lifestyle & Cosmetics breaks into a little group dance which soon includes half the room. This little anecdote shows what’s so great about the Impact Week: although everybody has been working hard, pursuing goals, and trying to come in first place, the event has also brought people together in friendship. What begins here, transforms the world.

Now, of course you want to know who won. But first of all, we’d like to say that each and every team in the Impact Week deserves to win. Think about it: it has been only 3 days since the teams came together, many participants meeting each other for the first time. Who would have thought that it is possible to achieve so much in so little time? And for sure there are more good, meaningful ideas than we can honor at the awards. This being said, we’ll let you know the winners:

5th place: Team Savac with their emergency evacuation system

4th place: Team Afrifast with a real-time traffic information system

3rd place: Team Isafi with technology for safe drinking water

2nd place: Team Gold Trash with their idea of using restaurant wastes

And finally:

1st place: Team Happy Farm with their farm in a box

Congratulations, winning teams! We’ll be watching out for you and will share news from you with our readers. Stay tuned for updates from all our participants!

Having followed the teams for a couple of days, you can probably imagine the celebrations following the announcement of the winners. We’ll spare you the details of who hugged whom and who said what to whom. Just check out #impactweekkenya to see all the support each team got from fellow Impact Week participants.

Prof. Marangu, wonderful and inspiring as always, urged the students in her closing speech to keep pushing the boundaries, keep being bothered by the problems they encounter. She reminded the audience that complaining has yet to deliver results. The great ideas which were put forward during the Impact Week show that there is a lot of potential in the students, and more social issues to tackle. This is why the ANU is planning for another self-organized Impact Week early next year. We are looking forward to hearing about it!

Group pic with shawls