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Train the Trainer Program – Day 1

The Impact Week has first been organized in 2015. Since then the program has evolved to get closer to our goal of creating an event that sustainably fosters entrepreneurship and business development in different countries to achieve a long/term impact. One of the main additions that has resulted from learning the team has made during previous events across Africa is the "Train the Trainer" Program.

TrainTheTrainer_Booklet TrainTheTrainer_Utadeo 
Train the Trainer Booklet and view of UTADEO architecture.

True to our purpose fostering Entrepreneurship through Design Thinking in order to support a form of sustainable and impactful development we have seen that not only working with students hand/ons on existing problems has a great effect on their learning and understanding of a human centered approach. But going a step further and passing the knowledge of how to facilitate a Design Thinking Workshop enables University professors to take our role as Design Thinking coaches in the future and multiple the effect by independently organize an Impact Week themselves. 

TrainTheTrainer_Alex TrainTheTrainer_Postits TrainTheTrainer_Interview TrainTheTrainer_Discussion
A full day of learning a new methodology, discussing and researching.

Today has been the first day of the "Train the Trainer" sessions for our Impact Week in Bogota. Coming together with professors from UTADEO in an learning environment for the first time we have started with an introduction to Design Thinking discovering why it is a useful and powerful tool as well as methodology and mindset to create lasting social impact – plus we also started to become one team through warm up activities and discussion our first problem statement gaining a variety of perspectives from interdisciplinary teams. Through the first interviews as part of our research we have gained valuable insights to enter the next stages of Design Thinking.