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The end of our Train the Trainer Program

The second and last day of our Train the Trainer Session was all about further developing an idea and translate it into a prototype to test its viability to finish off with. Having conducted interviews with the target audience beforehand some groups had the chance to also test their prototype with the same group of people. This allowed the space for co-creation in addition to the interdisciplinary exchange of ideas through Design thinking and lead to valuable insights and refined idea.  

DSC_0257 DSC_0236
Prototyping the ideas with play dough, papers and other fun material.

Yet prototypes and business ideas have not been the only outcome of the Train the Trainer Sessions. Participants have also gained personally from the experience working in an interdisciplinary environment and getting an in-depth training in Design Thinking as well as related methods and tools. Ivan, professor at UTADEO for Interaction Design, said that he enjoyed focusing on the social impact Design Thinking can create. 

DSC_0242 DSC_0202
Testing the prototypes and discussing the feedback of the users.

In the upcoming week the participants of the Train the Trainer program will take their experience into the Impact Week and pass on what they have learned as coaches. Through working with Design Thinking the Colombian team is hoping to see their students take the chance and transform the Colombian society in a time where there are so many opportunities. Tomas, part of the German Impact Week team says the spirit of aspiring to change the world is the most powerful and he hopes that through Design Thinking projects more inspiration to do so can be sparked.

Presenting the final results to the whole group.

Working on five different the tracks education, regional development, fair trade, public policy and tourism the upcoming week will show what students from UTADEO aspire to change in their country and what kind of business ideas they develop throughout the four-day Impact Week Event.