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Impact Week Bogotá – Final Day 4 & Impact Awards

The Impact Week in Bogotá has come to an end after 4 days filled with workshops, guest talks and intense ideation sessions. 

After starting the morning together with the last input on pitching ideas and a little warm-up all team finalized their ideas, finished their prototypes and prepared their individual pitches to be ready for the Impact Week Awards presentation that took place in the afternoon. 

Over the course of the past 3 days the 14 teams have not only gone through the process of learning and applying the methodology of Design Thinking, but also experienced new team dynamics as they were put in interdisciplinary teams with students they had never met before. Having explored their individual topics such as education, tourism, regional development, public policy and fair trade and generated a bunch of ideas, prototypes and test have shown how they solve a social issue before team developed the corresponding Business Model in order to ensure viability.

Preparing for the Impact Awards 

The time to prepare to the final pitches for the Impact Week Awards was tight and the teams worked until the last minute on their presentation to be ready to show their concepts. In the afternoon everybody was welcomed to the Impact Awards by a short inspiring video from the people that participated in the Impact Week Nairobi last year. With everybody assembled all teams had the chance to present their idea and vision within 3 minutes to convince the judges and contest to the price money to venture into starting a new business and become social entrepreneurs. All 14 teams were eager to take the chance and use opportunities and are currently coming up in Colombia and presented visionary and inspiring ideas to make a social impact in their own country. With concept ranging from board games to events strengthening Colombian communities the students have covered all aspects of life in Colombia. The idea that convinced the judges and won the first price of 5.000.000 pesos was „Gusto Justo“. 


The winning Team during their pitch for "Gusto Justo"

The project wants to close the gap between farmers and final consumers through an app. The group of students wants to create a consensus about the importance of farmers and the value they have for everybody’s daily life. With this solution produces from farms in the Colombian countryside will be delivered right to the doorstep of customers. This ensures transparent pricing and a direct contact to the producing farmers that provide food to the Colombian society. As similar concepts of direct food deliveries have proven successful in Germany for example the jury voted for this idea to be the winner as it does not only provide an appealing service to consumers, but also helps to ensure transparent pricing and fair wages for the supplying farmers. 
¡Congratulations to Gusto Justo!



The winning Team with their concept "Gusto Justo"

DSC_0181 DSC_0183 DSC_0186 DSC_0189
Litchi-Go" – 5th place, "Conpaz" – 4th place, "Turismo de Impacto" – 3rd place and "Parceria" – 2nd place

However the Impact Awards rewarded more than just the winning team. The first 5 teams and their idea will receive prize money that shall be used for entrepreneurial mentoring and incubation programs in order to sustainably establish the start-ups and support them in the long run. 
We are excited to support the students and their venture to become social entrepreneurs and start a business that shall positively impact their own country.