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Team Rwanda: Meet Senior Coach Amrei

Coach Amrei

The Impact Week is an opportunity to make life time experiences. It is learning from each other, meeting inspiring people and challenging together the status quo for a better world what drives me. I am happy to share my professional knowledge about how to create solutions for everyday problems and how to make a business out of it. In the exchange, I hope to learn and get inspired by the Rwanda culture and the way of living and thinking. At the end, I hope to return with new impressions, perspectives and friendships. 

I started my career as an Industrial Designer, making nice looking and functional products. After a while I noticed that all these products sooner or later are thrown away and are part of our pollution problem we have on our planet. I continued to study Master of Arts in Creative Direction where I got in touch with Design Thinking, new ways of leadership and new ways of collaboration. I am still excited about the holistic approach, the methods to develop products and services, the mindset to transform corporate culture into human centered design companies and prepare them for the digital age. Over the years I learned, which space is needed to foster creativity, how to lead people though the design thinking process, and how transform the way we work into new  creative collaboration. As a Human Centered Design Expert I love to design things and thoughts to create stories, experiences, products and business. I am curious to discover new things and I love to divert things from their intended use.