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Team Rwanda: Meet Senior Coach Rebecca

Coach Rebecca

About 2 years ago there was a flood of pictures of a friend of mine participating the first Impactweek. Her experience in Kenya inspired me to participate myself. As I have been traveling (almost) around the entire world, I am very aware how fortunate I was to grow up surrounded of all the opportunity I could wish for.

The living conditions I have witnessed in countries like Lao, Cambodia or South Africa are below anything an European can imagine. The Impactweek gives me the unique chance to use my skills as a Designer to empower people, with less fortune conditions growing up, to create a better future for themselves. I really hope that we can create a lasting impact in Ruanda training the teachers and working with the students.

Beyond this I am also looking forward to the exchange with the other coaches and especially with our local participants expecting a great intercultural experience on a level no travel can provide.

In my “normal” life I am a senior consultant for digital innovation and design management supporting cooperations to cope with the challenges for the digitalization at MHP- A Porsche Company.  Before I started my career I studied product design for my bachelors and extended my skillset with a master in global innovation management. Being exposed to 17 different cultures during my master program, taught me a lot about myself and about the great benefits and challenges of working intercultural. In my current position I work with our clients to become more innovative by developing strategies for change, providing support in operative projects or leading innovation workshops. One of our tools is Design Thinking being my key focus as a consultant.  Working with some very large cooperation’s this often can be challenging as change is (very) slow and patience is not my biggest strength working in the field of innovation.

Have been to a few places in Africa, but never in Ruanda. Despite the horrific events 20 years ago it is one of the most progressive countries in Africa making it a fascinating country to me.  I can`t wait to explore the country, meet the people and gain insights in their lifes. I am sure this experience is going to challenge me, but will have a great impact on my personal growth.