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Impact Week Rwanda has gathered momentum

Finally the Impact Week has started!!

Over the weekend team Rwanda grew from about 50 participants of the Train-the-Trainer to more than 100 students, participating in the teams and who were eager to develop ideas and create their countries future actively. Finally, after intense weeks of preparation and two days of training the new trainers from Rwanda, Kenya, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland and Germany, on Monday morning everybody was ready and excited to kick of the Impact Week!

Impact Week Rwanda
Impact Week Team Rwanda

On Monday morning our day started at 08:00 in order to prepare and execute the registration process well. Most of the students arrived at the same time and were assigned to the 18 teams among the 6 tracks. Until the very beginning we did not exactly know about the actual number of participants and were overwhelmed by the great interest of students, alumni and teachers of the SOS technical Highschool. Luckily we had great support by the newly trained junior coaches to realize the attendance at the Impact Week to as many students as possible.

Impact Week Rwanda Kick off
Impakt Week Rwanda Kick off

Monday morning was all about understanding the challenge of each track and to creating a common understanding amongst the team members. Our junior coaches did an excellent job in coaching the teams through this challenging first step. And they really did a great job as in the afternoon, the groups developed a broad variety of "How might we questions" within the tracks.

Taking this questions as a starting point the groups went to the city in the afternoon in order to interview users and to learn about their needs.

Coming back with many insights the students were full of energy and the junior coaches closed the day together with their teams.

Brainstorming Session
Brainstorming Session

The second day, the students arrived with excitement and were ready to start the ideation phase immediately. However, before diving into the ideation phase, our juniors coached the teams through the synthesis phase. Hereby, the experiences and knowledge gained from the interviews was shared within the groups in a storytelling format. After having collected the findings about the users, their needs and insights, the group developed a persona to have a concrete idea about the point of vew. A persona represents a target group and helps the team to form a common understanding of their user in order to reflect on throughout the entire process.

Followed by refraiming the "How might we question" again, the groups finally went into the ideation phase. Even though is was not always easy for the teams to differentiate between an action point (what should be done) and an actual idea (how it could be done), the level of creativity was extremely high! Finally each group selected their most promising ideas in order to develop a final rough prototype.

All in all is has been two amazing days, which really enabled the students to learn about new approach and moreover, the junior coaches had the chance to deepen their knowledge by applying their new coaching and design thinking skills.