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2017 – Another year to add to our success story „Impact Week“

Currently, the core team is working hard, to prepare for the Impact Weeks 2018. However, looking back, 2017 was another year to add to our success story „Impact Week“ :)

In total we conducted four Impact Weeks. Three were organized from volunteers and companies in Germany together with local schools, universities and incubators.

DSC_0365_2 Impact Week Rwanda Lagos251 (1)

One Impact Week was organized in Kenya by African Nazarene University and is therefore the third impact week conducted in Nairobi. Our Kenyan collogues started to pass the torch and ensure a sustainable impact. The program contained a design thinking trainer’s refresher session and the main impact week with a total of seven tracks: health, finance, cosmetics, education, agriculture, transport and security. Eight coaches – even three junior coaches from Impact Week Rwanda in October participated – facilitated the design thinking process for 56 students and they came up with eight new ideas.

Impact (33 of 105)

And can you imagine, they already conducted the first independent Impact Week 2018 in Kibera, Kenya – Cheers to that! :)


This shows the great effect of the previous work with students and teachers and the impact that has been created. Impact Week has managed to evolve itself and become an autonomous force. Our network is growing with fast pace and we can’t wait to kick of the first Impact Week 2018.


We are talking about 80 coaches from 8 different countries, who trained 72 people, conducted Impact Weeks with 360 students and all of them generated 62 different (business) ideas. Following the figures, you can add countless stories, friendships and experiences.