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Looking into an Exciting Future

We think, it is about time to give you an idea about the coming projects in 2018. Even though, the official application has not started yet, and we are still negotiating with our international partners about some final details we decided to transparently give you an insight!

Our major focus is to create a sustainable impact. By returning to each Impact Week location for a second time, we hope to create a deeper understanding as to how design thinking can help foster innovation and entrepreneurship. Running through the workshop twice enables our participants to gain more expertise to actually start seeing the potential of national, wicked problems


We are looking forward to a second Impact Week in:

Bogota, Colombia
This Impact Week is approximately going to take place in the End of September 2018.
Most likely from 17th September to the 29th September 2018. Save the date! The application phase will start soon :)

Nigeria, Lagos
And of course, Africa’s biggest economy – a harbor for many start-ups and entrepreneurs, Nigeria is on top of our minds! We will provide you with further details as soon as we have fixed the date.

Kigali, Rwanda
We are happy to conduct a second Impact Week in Kigali, Rwanda in September to October 2018. Our partners, the Impact Hub and the SOS Childrens Vilage Kigali cannot wait to kick off the program. This Impact Week is going to take place from the 24th September until the 5th October. We are looking forward to having you on board. Stay tuned!

India 2018, Delhi & Assam
Finally, we are happy to announce, that the Impact Weeks program will expand to India – One is going to take place in Assam and another one in Delhi.

Keep the dates in mind for the Impact Week in Assam: 10th to 20th December 2018.
But there is another Impact Week in India, Delhi, scheduled for the end of October!
We will provide you with further details about the location as soon as we have fixed these.

Moreover, we are corresponding with other potential partners in South Africa, Costa Rica, Poland, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Chile and Uganda – as you see, there is a lot to come! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated.