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Impact Week Kigali – Our first impressions

All senior and junior coaches arrived and kicked off the Train The Trainer program on Wednesday the 26th of September. This is the preparation for the Impact Week that starts this week.

After landing in Kigali, we were all positively impressed on how clean the city is – actually much cleaner than most cities we come from. The locals are extremely friendly and most of them speak English and French very well, so communication is never a problem. On the many hills of Kigali you find plenty of beautiful gardens. Rwandese life is colorful in different ways – the houses, the clothes, the fruits, but especially the people. They are open for new ideas, expressive, extremely good dancers and always smiling – everything is vibrant. 

Market in Kigali

The Train The Trainer program is meant to prepare Rwandan and European coaches to bring design thinking and innovation knowledge to the local students. It was impressive to see how motivated and how fast junior coaches adapted to this new way of thinking.  They felt comfortable to express themselves openly, asked questions, failed early and learned from each other. They were all open for constructive feedback and now they are ready to be coaches themselves!

The main goal of the Impact Week is to create sustainable impact. By returning to Kigali we ensure participants gain more experience in the process and have a deeper understanding of how design thinking  can foster innovation.

Stay tuned to hear more about the Impact Week in Rwanda and the next one coming up in India.