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Hidden talents of the Impact Week Rwanda 2018

Who were the hidden talents from the Impact Week in Rwanda?   

The Impact Week in Kigali 2018 welcomed 130 students, young entrepreneurs and potential startup founders to support the development of innovative projects on emerging topics of Rwanda. Let's get to know some of the students who joined us on this journey.

Pascaline, Divin and Kevine


Pascaline studies building construction and her inspiration in life is herself. She writes her own songs and plays a guitar. One of her super powers is her astonishing handwriting. She also enjoys to be in front of people to tell stories. She wants to become a singer and a songwriter.  She also dreams of being a business woman and to work in fashion and design.



Divin studies electric engineering. He has good grades, likes innovative ideas and sports. He is actually a track and field runner (800m). He is inspired by successful sports men like Usain Bolt. He dreams of creating a sports center in Rwanda and large gymnastics halls in Kigali. He is passionate about improving how people do sports in Rwanda. 



Kevine studies computer science and is inspired by Kim Kardashian. She really likes Kim's style and her make-up brand. Doing make-up is Kevine's superpower. She is passionate about bringing freedom of speech to women.


Look forward to our full video about the Impact Week Rwanda 2018 – to be posted soon…

Impact Week Rwanda 2018