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Lagos, Nigeria 2017


Why Lagos in Nigeria? Nobody expects Lagos to be a humming place for innovation and new technology. On the contrary, most consider it to be a place of civil unrest with a high crime rate. But Nigeria is an interesting country with people of different backgrounds and in total 415 different languages and idioms. Plus Lagos is the home of Africa’s biggest economy – a harbour for many start-ups and entrepreneurs.

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Our 17 junior coaches and supporters from Lufthansa Group and our 9 international experts with various business background still have a smile on their faces when they think of the time back in Lagos.

Our Partners

The Impact Week took place at UNILAG, the University of Lagos, in October 2017. The university recently established an Innovation Center to support students with entrepreneurial ambitions. The impact week draw a lot of attention and over 150 students participated next to several professors who got trained as junior coaches. We used the design thinking process on the topics tourism, finance, technology, education, commerce and health – and generated 144 ideas!



We are honored that we already have great supporters and sponsors. Without their help the Impact Week 2017 would not be possible. THANK YOU.


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If you want to support us as well, please see our SponsoringPackagesImpactWeek2017 for details.