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After two great years in Kenya we scale Impact Week to three countries in 2017! In Kigali, Rwanda we are in the middle of one of the most vibrant startup hotspots in Africa.

Come join us and be one of the enthusiasts who make Impact Week 2017 an unforgettable experience for all participants and for yourself! Travel dates for the organisation team is October 3rd – 13th (more details below).

Who can apply

Motivated, open minded, Enthusiasts who feel ready for a new experience outside their comfort zones and want to experience Design Thinking.

Experienced Design Thinkers willing to support the Train the Tainer session and to run one of the tracks during the Impact Week by supporting up to three junior coaches and their teams focused on the track topic. As we'll spend almost every minute of these ten days together you should also be a real team player and function well under social stress.

Organization talents (e.g. administration, fund raising, finance) who want to help setup and run the event and support the group.

Media and communication geeks who cover the event in all kinds of media to tell our story to everybody in the world.

Companies willing to sponsor parts of the event. See our SponsoringPackagesImpactWeek2017 for details.

Please apply if you can identify with any of these four points

  • You are a experienced Design Thinking or Business Model Generation coach
  • You are great in producing videos and taking photos
  • You are great in writing texts and marketing
  • You are great in organising

Submission deadline ended on July 15th. We are now interviewing all candidates. If you want to be part of Impact Week 2018 please sign up for our newsletter!

Your commitment

Organising such a huge event only works when everybody is commited to do great work. There will be several virtual and in person (most probably in Frankfurt) team meetings before October, where we will share the agenda and the contents of the workshops. And of course we want to get to know each other very well before heading to Kigali. In the end it's more fun than work and you will feel like being part of a huge family – but it is important that you are aware that Impact Week is not some kind of "all inclusive holiday"! It will be stressful from time to time but absolutely rewarding in the end!

Organisation team 2017 Rwanda

BenjaminRueckriegel_2017 Jochen2 Jens Unger
Benjamin Rückriegel
Local Coordinator
Jochen Gürtler
Design Thinking Expert
Jens Unger
Change Consultant
"I am eager to help the people of Rwanda to overcome the past by inspiring them to be creative and to develop business ideas which drive their country into a bright future." "The Impact Week is for me always a big learning opportunity, a challenging adventure and a lot of fun." “It is my hope to create something that lasts – business ideas put into practice, stories to share, relationships, friendships.”
  Angela_Haas IMG_2900
Angela Haas
Human Centered Design Expert
Julia Wenzel
Human Centered Mind
  "It inspires me to work together with people who work on ideas for a positive impact and I love enabling them to bring these ideas to life." "What drives me, is my passion for collaborating with inspiring people and my curiosity for unconventional experiences."

Overall Program and local Partners

The Impact Week 2017 in Rwanda consists of two main bulding blocks: During the Train the Trainer we educate professors, faculty members and employees from different NGOs in Design Thinking and Business Model Generation topics. In the following Impact Week we support, together with the trained junior coaches, students and trainees to work on their ideas around the given challenges.

For both parts we have strong local partners and we are glad to run the Impact Week together with them.


SOS Kinderdorf Kigali

Timetable, costs & How to apply

Departure from Frankfurt: October 3rd
Arrival in Frankfurt: Earliest October 13th

Current timetable (details to be discussed in the team):

Tue, October 3rd Flight to Kigali from Frankfurt via Brussels
Wed, October 4th Get to know each other, preparation of Train the Trainer
Thu, October 5th Train the Trainer Day 1
Fri, October 6th Train the Trainer Day 2
Sat, October 7th Joint excursion, preparation of Impact Week
Sun, October 8th Joint excursion, preparation of Impact Week
Mon, October 9th Impact Week Day 1
Tue, October 10th Impact Week Day 2
Wed, October 11th Impact Week Day 3
Tue, October 12th Impact Week Day 4, Impact Awards Ceremony
In the late evening flight back to Frankfurt, for those who do not plan additional activities
Fri, October 13th Start of optional activities in Ruanda or Africa (Gorillas safari, Sansibar, …) on own costs

Costs: We are currently calculating the costs with the local partners. We expect it to be between 1000-1500€ incl. flights and accommodation. For the organisation team and the design thinking coaches we will try to cover all costs through sponsoring. So please apply even if the costs would be a challenge for you.

Impact week as learning opportunity: If you are not yet a design thinking coach but interested in the methodology and the Impact Week in general we offer the possibility to use the Impact Week as your personal learning opportunity consisting of two parts.

  1. 3-day Train the Trainer Session: Learn Design Thinking and Business Model Generation together with faculty members of the partner University
  2. 4-day Impact Week: Use and practice the acquired knowledge while coaching a team of students that works on their business idea related to a problem relevant to their community. Also here you’ll team up with one of the local faculty members. Expert coaches will always be available to supervise and support your work with the team.

In between the two parts you’ll have a chance to explore Rwanda over the weekend with the team.

For this unique learning experience we take a fee of 1500€ that also helps us to fund the event.

We are honored that we already have great supporters and sponsors. Without their help the Impact Week 2017 would not be possible. THANK YOU!

sponsor_helpalliance sponsor_logo_lh
sponsor_SAPLogo@2 sponsor_design_at_business

If you want to support us as well, please see our SponsoringPackagesImpactWeek2017 for details.